The Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation was created in 2000 by Gary and Carol Milgard and their children Cari, Lori, and Mark who share a deep interest in and commitment to philanthropy.

In 2016, we reorganized and distributed the funds of the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation into four new foundations. They were formed to represent the individual interests of the board members. The four new foundations are the Ruth Foundation, Skylight Foundation, Whisper Foundation and Windows of Hope Foundation. They will continue to honor the legacy of The Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation.

Our goal is to support the work of a more targeted group of organizations that serve our communities. We believe this is a way for the family to give back and continue to educate their descendants in the value of community service.

These Foundations support well managed non-profit projects and programs that focus primarily on the health of Pierce County, WA.

Grants will be awarded to organizations that work to improve quality of life and impact a positive change in the community.